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Social, Environmental and Economic Development Intersector Solutions

Development utilizes human, natural and economic resources.  Sustainability in the built environment calls for the responsible use of these resources for the benefit of all socio-economic stakeholders and collaboration between all sectors – government, business and civil society.

Sustainable development aims to transform unsustainable elements in developing the built environment to a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable global ecosystem.  The stakeholders deliver the solutions for such sustainable socio-economic development.

SEEDIS is a platform for the enablers and stakeholders in the built environment – countries, communities, companies and civil society – to interact, collaborate and encourage sustainable development and use of land, buildings and infrastructure.

Because of the significance of the built environment in socio-economic development, SEEDIS focuses on the real estate sector.  The platform is directed towards the stakeholders in residential and commercial property and local and national infrastructure development projects.

SEEDIS is a unifying platform for the exchange of experience, insights and knowledge to accelerate the transformation towards the sustainable development of the built environment by all stakeholders:

  • Countries – Government policies regulate business and provide the business enabling sustainable development environment;
  • Communities – Municipal authorities enable and permit the sustainable development of land and property in their jurisdiction;
  • Companies – Sustainable construction requires the commitment of all participants along the project value chain; and
  • Civil society – Sustainable development results from the participation, engagement and actions of the citizens of the planet.

Together, we collaborate and provide complementary resources and competencies to maximize value creation for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

SEEDIS encourages the engagement of the enablers and stakeholders to ensure an objective, fact-based advocacy for sustainable socio-economic development.  We aim to further a better understanding of the challenges and solutions through stakeholder participation and collaboration.

SEEDIS is an independent nonprofit initiative that is committed to the advocacy of sustainable development of our communities and the built environment and the active engagement of all development stakeholders.