Strength in unity
Solutions for sustainable development.

Austrian Ecology Institute

The resources of the Austrian Ecology Institute facilitate interaction between society and the environment.  They comprise informa [...]


The Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) is a tool that assesses energy and water efficiency, thermal comfort, and ov [...]


Bioregional resources provide practical guidance and insights on how to move towards a truly sustainable world.  The resources inc [...]

Climate Analytics

Climate Analytics provides several open access, interactive tools that make climate projections easily available to policymakers a [...]

Climate Interactive

The resources of Climate Interactive helps companies, community groups and governments improve their strategies and point them tow [...]

Development Tracker

Development Tracker provides access to detailed information on international development and humanitarian projects funded by the U [...]


The DIE research staff is engaged in numerous international research projects and contributes to policy networks.  Their research [...]

DMC per Capita

Domestic material consumption per capita (DMC per capita) visualizes domestic material consumption per person within an economy.   [...]


The EDGE App calculates the utility savings and reduced carbon footprint of buildings against a base case to demonstrate ways to l [...]


EFI runs a number of online databases with data and information on different aspects of European forests, forestry and forest rese [...]

Energy Strategies

Energy Strategies is a tool created by Google that shows how different assumptions affect the cost to generate electricity and the [...]


The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) provides resources to mobilize green finance commitments needed to support low-carbon and [...]

Global Forest Watch

Global Forest Watch (GFW) is an open-source web application that provides data and tools for monitoring global forests in near rea [...]

Global Taskforce

The Global Taskforce serves as a policy exchange lab where local and regional government networks collaborate on priority areas id [...]


The Global Observatory on Local Finance (GOLF) is intended to improve and fine-tune the advocacy of UCLG on local finance.  It cur [...]

Google Earth Engine

Google Earth Engine is an interactive planetary-scale platform and geospatial processing service for Earth science data and analys [...]


IBO resources for healthy building and living are the result of extensive research and practical experience.  The resources help i [...]


The inno4sd global initiative on knowledge and innovation promotes and uses knowledge, science, technology and innovation in suppo [...]

Innovation Seeds

The inno4sd library contains state-of-the-art documents focusing on the role of eco-innovation for a green economy, circular econo [...]


The IOPD aims to be a worldwide benchmark center of reference for participatory democracy.  It resources facilitate the exchange o [...]

Life Cycle Initiative

The Life Cycle Initiative platform provides information on life cycle thinking.  The resources encompass training materials, artic [...]


Local2030 is a network and platform that localizes and supports the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a f [...]


The Local2030 library documents and tools are cataloged according to background and context on Agenda 2030.  They can be filtered [...]

MIT Climate Portal

The MIT Climate Portal is a platform for timely, science-based information about the causes and consequences of climate change and [...]


The NATURVATION project combines the resources of 14 institutions across Europe in the fields of urban development, geography, inn [...]

NDC Registry

The interim NDC Registry is a public registry maintained by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) sec [...]

Our World in Data

The Our World in Data resources make the knowledge on the big problems facing the world accessible and understandable and enable c [...]


News on the RELX SDG Resource Centre displays the latest news about the SDGs from around the world.  It searches millions of artic [...]

Resource Watch

The Resource Watch platform features hundreds of data sets on the state of the planet’s resources and citizens.  It is accessible [...]

SDG Cities Guide

Jointly developed by SDSN and the German government, the SDG Cities Guide describes the basic steps for implementing Sustainable D [...]

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