Strength in unity
Solutions for sustainable development.

Climate Analytics

Climate Analytics provides several open access, interactive tools that make climate projections easily available to policymakers a [...]

Development Tracker

Development Tracker provides access to detailed information on international development and humanitarian projects funded by the U [...]


ENCORE (Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure) maps the impacts and dependencies different economic sectors [...]


The Global Observatory on Local Finance (GOLF) is intended to improve and fine-tune the advocacy of UCLG on local finance.  It cur [...]


ICLEI provides professional information, advice, networking opportunities, training and tools to public authorities that are inter [...]


International Finance Corporation (IFC) provides resources on private-sector investments in developing countries for clients, inve [...]


The NATURVATION project combines the resources of 14 institutions across Europe in the fields of urban development, geography, inn [...]

Synchronicity Earth

The Synchronicity Earth platform publishes news, views and stories from conservationists on the frontline, dedicated researchers, [...]

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