Strength in unity
Solutions for sustainable development.


The Austrian Sustainable Building Council (ASBC) – Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Baue (ÖGNB) – provides a comprehe [...]

Austrian Ecology Institute

The Austrian Institute of Ecology – Österreichisches Ökologie-Institut – is a nonprofit, nongovernmental research organization hea [...]


CA100+ engages companies to improve their climate change governance, cut emissions, and strengthen climate-related financial discl [...]


IBO Ltd. provides services and technical consultancy that accelerate the development of ecological architecture based on the resea [...]

IBO Association

The Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building (IBO Association) is an independent, nonprofit, scientific association [...]


The ASBC (ÖGNI) encourages the sustainability in the built environment in Austria.  It issues (pre-)certificates according to the [...]

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