COP26 is the 26th United Nations annual climate change "Conference of Parties" (COP) to build awareness and stimulate dialog on climate action and participation.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is among the largest international meetings of governments, the private sector and civil society.  The UN climate change conferences involve officials from every country as well as representatives from businesses and civil society.

Delegates from countries meet for both formal negotiations and informal consultations.  They take part in meetings with other delegations to clarify positions, overcome deadlock, and reach agreement to collectively tackle climate change.

The UNFCCC will also host a range of events, including technical briefings, to support the negotiations process.  There is a wide range of events for the general public including workshops, art exhibitions and installations as well as presentations and musical performances for everyone to attend.

Individuals and organizations can highlight what the public sector – local and national governments – are doing to tackle climate change.  They can also encourage businesses to take action to reduce their emissions and formally commit to achieving net-zero GHG emissions.

Private sector actors are leading in the implementation of nature-based solutions and best practices.  Policymakers incentivize businesses to move even further along their environmentally positive path, creating an ambition loop to accelerate progress toward the objectives of the Paris Agreement and sustainable development goals.