SEEDIS profiles social, environmental and economic development initiatives and solution providers.  These include national regional and local governments, intergovernmental institutions, civil society organizations, researchers, educational institutions, and companies.

The Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations anticipate and require cooperation and collaboration on sustainable development at all levels of government, the private sector and civil society.  Engagement, cooperation and collaboration between stakeholders are required for their achievement.

SEEDIS aims to fast-track action by furthering the sustainable development and operation of the built environment and circular economy.  SEEDIS is mobilizing the stakeholders in the public sector, business, and civil society and facilitates their involvement and interaction.

SEEDIS shows the ranking of the countries in terms of such socio-economic factors as their environmental performance and ecological efficiency of human development, overall sustainable development performance, the freedom of the press, public sector corruption, the state of world democracy, the “friendliness” of trade logistics, internet freedom, economic freedom, and "happiness".  Profile pages link to reports on their progress towards achieving the 17 UN social development goals (SDGs).

SEEDIS publishes the ranking of over 200 world cities according to one or more factors, including progress towards the SDGs, quality of life, city prosperity, overall attractiveness, and innovation.  Profile pages link to additional sources of information on the communities.

Enablers provide the solutions for the development of a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable ecosystem and the built environment.  They advocate the adoption of ESG and SDG principles in business operations and promote their solutions.

Resources and tools are made available on the platforms of the featured collaborators.  SEEDIS shares the available knowledge and encourages the creation of the resources, their promotion and use via their open platforms.