Exhibitors are entitled to:

  • One ticket to the event;
  • Exhibit services and solutions;
  • Invite business partners, clients and colleagues via your promo code;
  • Display of company profile and logo on the event platform;
  • Display of company logo on the event banners;
  • An exhibition table stand for promotional materials;
  • Display of a roll-up banner (85 x 200 cm recommended) and table pennants;
  • Distribution of promotional materials;
  • Projection of promotional images throughout the event;
  • Projection of a video clip on exhibitor services and solutions;
  • Promotion of the engagement via our LinkedIn postings;
  • Collaboration with us on the exhibition and presentation of services and solutions; and;
  • F&B sponsorship opportunities (see Sponsoring).

Images and video clips for display, roll-up banners, table pennants, complimentary cards. and other promotional materials must be provided for exhibition as instructed.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the forum, kindly indicate the way you intend to engage with us and provide us your contact details in the form below.