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SEEDIS aims to fast-track SDG/ESG/CSR action by furthering the sustainable development and operation of the built environment. SEEDIS is mobilizing advocacies in the private, public, and third sectors and facilitates their interaction and is making their open resources and tools available to all stakeholders.

Some of the SEEDIS featured tools are used to assess the environmental performance of new buildings and refits.  Others guide responsible investors and highlight risks to environmental change that can be integrated into investment activities.  A few tools are used by stakeholders to influence the design and implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Access to Justice

Access to Justice: Lawyer database is part of the Life Access to Justice for a Greener Europe project of ClientEarth and Justice & Environment.  It compiles [...]

Anthropogenic Land Use

The visualization shows long-term human (anthropogenic) land use since 10,000 BC till 2016.  It details the change in total used for cropland, grazing land and [...]


The Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) is a tool that assesses energy and water efficiency, thermal comfort, and overall environmental sustainabi [...]


The C-ROADS (Climate Rapid Overview and Decision Support) simulator in various languages helps communicate the long-term climate impacts of national and regiona [...]

CA+100 Companies

Company assessments are published on the CA+100 platform.  The focus companies are assessed on each of the Net-Zero Company Benchmark’s 10 disclosure indicators [...]

CDC ESG & Gender Toolkits

ESG Toolkit for Financial Institutions guides responsible investors in emerging markets.  The Gender Toolkit provides guidance on gender-smart investing and app [...]

Climate Action Tracker

The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) is an online app that provides an up-to-date science-based assessment of individual national pledges to reduce their greenhouse [...]

Climate Risk Platform

The Climate Risk Platform compares the relative performance of several asset classes and portfolios for institutional investors as well as managers and operator [...]

Community Tool Box

The Community Tool Box is a public service of the University of Kansas (KU) in Lawrence, Kansas, USA.  It is maintained by the KU's Work Group for Community Hea [...]

Country Profiles

ESDN Countries Profiles draw on regular updates from the ESDN National Focal Points – ministry representatives responsible for sustainable development – and ESD [...]


The Circular Transition Indicators (CTI) framework developed by WBCSD provides a universal global definition and measurement method to make circular entrepreneu [...]

DMC per Capita

Domestic material consumption per capita (DMC per capita) visualizes domestic material consumption per person within an economy.  Per-capita DMC is an environme [...]


The EDGE App calculates the utility savings and reduced carbon footprint of buildings against a base case to demonstrate ways to lower their environmental impac [...]


En-ROADS (Energy-Rapid Overview and Decision-Support) is a simulation model in various languages for exploring how global energy and climate challenges can be a [...]


ENCORE (Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure) is a tool that highlights risks to environmental change that can be integrated into investm [...]

Energy Strategies

Energy Strategies is a tool created by Google that shows how different assumptions affect the cost to generate electricity and the amount of carbon dioxide emit [...]

ESG Risk Ratings

Sustainalytics' Company ESG Risk Ratings offer insights into the ESG risks of companies.  The ESG ratings help investors to identify, understand and manage ESG [...]

EST & Carbon Tax

The Carbon Pricing Dashboard shows on a world map the national and subnational jurisdictions where carbon pricing initiatives – EST and carbon tax – are schedul [...]

Forest 500

Forest 500 is an online app from Global Canopy for identifying and ranking the companies and financial institutions that have the most significant influence ove [...]

Global Occupier Metrics

The Global Occupier Metrics toolkit helps select business locations, define workspace, and optimize the real estate footprint in over 500 individual markets acr [...]

Green Key Toolbox

The Green Key Toolbox with lots of information, materials and templates helps facilities achieve the Green Key award and can inspire further environmental actio [...]

GRI Content Index Template

The GRI content index template makes reported information traceable and increases its credibility and transparency.  A GRI content index helps stakeholders navi [...]

Hotel Footprinting

Hotel Footprinting is a free tool designed to help hotels benchmark their footprint with other sample hotels in their region and market.  It applies to individu [...]

IHG Green Engage™

The IHG Green Engage™ system is the group-wide sustainability program of the InterContinental Hotels Group.  It is an innovative online environmental sustainabi [...]

Innovation Seeds

The inno4sd library contains state-of-the-art documents focusing on the role of eco-innovation for a green economy, circular economy, climate action and the Sus [...]

IOPD Experiences

The IOPD collects and maps monitoring activities, analyses and statistics on experiences in participatory democracy in numerous countries.  It shares the experi [...]


LinkedSDG is an online visualization tool provided by the UN that automatically extracts key concepts related to sustainable development from text documents and [...]


The Local2030 library documents and tools are cataloged according to background and context on Agenda 2030.  They can be filtered by type, actor, region, langua [...]

Material Circularity Indicator (MCI)

The Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) allows companies to identify circular value from their products and materials and mitigate risks from material price vo [...]

NDC-SDG Connections

NDC-SDG Connections is an online tool used to explore and compare the thematic connections between nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and the UN Sustain [...]


Petitions aimed at a government authority or institution are started on the platform are free.  For campaigns that are aimed at a receiver that is not in the pu [...]


News on the RELX SDG Resource Centre displays the latest news about the SDGs from around the world.  It searches millions of articles published daily across mor [...]

SDG Impact Assessment Tool

The SDG Impact Assessment Tool is a free online learning tool that visualizes the results from a self-assessment of how an activity, organization or innovation [...]

SDG Toolkit

The SDG Toolkit is for civil society, NGOs and other stakeholder organizations, coalitions and individuals to influence the design and implementation of the UN [...]

SDGs & me

The SDGs & me interactive application presents short explanations and illustrative visualizations for a selected subset of the 100 EU SDG indicators.  It wa [...]


SHARECITY100 Database is a comparative and interactive online map of ICT-enabled urban food sharing enterprises across 100 cities around the world.  It identifi [...]


SHIFT (Sustainability, Help, Information, Frameworks/Findings and Tools) is an online tool for the search and location of sustainability frameworks and environm [...]

Street Lighting Financing Tool

Street Lighting Financing Tool (SLFT) was developed by the Copenhagen Centre for municipalities to determine the most appropriate financing scheme for their str [...]

The UNWTO Tourism Data Dashboard

The UNWTO Tourism Data Dashboard provides statistics and insights on key indicators for inbound and outbound tourism at the global, regional and national levels [...]

TQB Assessment Tool

Use of the TQB building assessment system is free.  To make full use of it, including transfer and saving the building assessment, registration as ASBC consulta [...]

Trase Finance

Trase Finance links the trade in commodities to investors and lenders worldwide to bring transparency to the direct and indirect financing of tropical deforesta [...]

UNEP Knowledge Repository

The UNEP provides leadership, science and solutions on such environmental issues as climate change, the management of marine and terrestrial ecosystems, and gre [...]

Urban Nature Atlas

The Urban Nature Atlas is the result of the first systematic survey of nature-based solutions (NBS) interventions.  Nature-based solutions use the natural prope [...]


World Development Indicators (WDI) is a compilation of relevant, high-quality, and cross-country comparable statistics on global development and the fight again [...]

Workplace Expert

Collier's Workplace Expert is a quick and easy-to-use tool made available to firms to explore the right strategy and mix tailored to their organizational priori [...]

World Environment Situation Room

The World Environment Situation Room is an initiative of a worldwide consortium of big data partners.  With overarching environmental policy relevance and impac [...]

WorldGBC Online Case Study Library

The WorldGBC Online Case Study Library provides examples of cutting-edge sustainable buildings from across the globe on a map.  It showcases the "best in class" [...]

WTTC Data Gateway

The WTTC Data Gateway tool visualizes the economic impact research to produce reports on the economic and employment impact of travel and tourism for 185 countr [...]

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